Girl with a Gun

by Kari Bovee

She’s on the rise to fame and fortune, but her sudden notoriety comes with some deadly consequences.
The Wild West Show’s dazzling arenas have never witnessed a sharpshooter like Annie Oakley. As she gains renown, aspirations of saving her family’s farm seem within reach. However, her meteoric rise is overshadowed by a dire discovery; her trusted assistant, dead under mysterious circumstances.
Probing into an unsettling past, Annie unearths secrets with far-reaching consequences. As she delves deeper, the line between friends and foes blurs. Her quest for justice grows perilous, especially when her cherished horse vanishes. The stakes skyrocket as Annie confronts a harrowing thought—has she been in the crosshairs all along?
Girl with a Gun is a gripping foray into an era where legends were born and danger lurked at every corner. Dive headfirst into this exhilarating Annie Oakley mystery series, where suspense, courage, and old-world charm converge. Don’t miss the chance to ride alongside a true American heroine!

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Category: Mystery – Historical