GOD Plague

by Phoenix Sullivan

A vet first described the lethal disease that mimics rabies—right down to its aggressive form—as a globulin obstructive disorder. That was 12 weeks ago, before it swept across America, ravaging the canine population. Before lawmakers made it a crime to own a dog and greenlighted a shoot-on-sight policy. Before media pounced on the term and the GOD Plague name was born.

Now it’s up to virologist Trevor Cole and Deputy Kate Harmon to protect the last bastion of dogs in America, not only from the virus but from gun-wielding citizens who don’t know the beloved dogs they’re targeting are key to keeping the virus at bay.

But nature isn’t the only force manipulating the GOD virus. Even in their small town, bio-warfare threats reverberate. Drones are in the air, and someone who wants to make damn sure a vaccine doesn’t happen is gunning for Trevor.

Because sometimes conspiracy theories are true.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical