Gone Unnoticed

by Robin Mahle

What doesn’t kill us…

Kate Reid has stared down pain and death and come through the other side. Now, with renewed determination, her only desire is to succeed in the unrelenting FBI training program at Quantico. She soon discovers this path won’t be an easy one. And when her friend and mentor, Special Agent Nick Scarborough, brings Kate in on an assignment, it only adds to the pressure.

The case involving the widespread disappearance of young immigrant women, already invisible to most, is looking more like human trafficking.

The deeper Kate delves into the investigation, the more she begins to identify with the victims—their desire to start a new life is similar to her own. Only their paths deviate into a dark and sadistic world. A path she knows too well.

The sorrow Kate believed was behind her begins to resurface as the case unfolds and the losses catch up with her. But when her training suffers as a result of her pursuit for justice, will Kate lose all hope of renewing a life that has already robbed her of so much?

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals