Good Deed, Bad Deeds

by Ricky Black

When you’re born to the streets, it forms a bond. Unrelenting and almost unbreakable, it grabs you and refuses to let go.

Natty Deeds was born into the Leeds crime life. His dad was murdered when he was just a child, forcing him to find his own way and establish himself. Now in his early thirties, he handles a crew for his uncle, running and selling drugs. The money is good and he enjoys the status, but it’s not enough. He dreams of a life where he calls the shots.

Natty is given the chance to step up when he is picked to work alongside a rival crew. The task is simple, expand into a new area and dominate the scene. What in practice appears simple turns out to be anything but. With one harrowing setback after another, Natty’s back is against the wall and the smallest mistake could cost him everything.

Can Natty survive, or will he become another casualty of the streets?

If you like gritty, character-driven thrillers, you’ll love this gripping read.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime