Good Investigations

by Ben Westerham

She’s blonde. She’s clever. She’s in his office. London based PI David Good doesn’t stand a chance.

David Good, a morally confused & womanising private investigator, is hired by a ridiculously beautiful blonde to help her fend off the attentions of a serial blackmailer. But he’s barely got to grips with the woman’s keen sense of self-interest when he stumbles on to something far more unsavoury.

Good finds himself up to his neck in trouble, upsetting some unpleasant people with short fuses & their own self-interest to protect. This time his trade mark sense of humour might not be enough to see him safely out the other side, but the clock’s ticking, so for once he ignores the obvious risk to his own carelessly maintained health & starts to unmask an illicit trade that’s been causing a great deal of suffering.

Settle back, put up your feet and enjoy this romp across 1980s London.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators