Grasp of the Night

by Sadaf Zulfikar

Alice has lost everything—her family, her memory, and even her true identity. Alone, she has knit lies around her, to ward off constant fear of the unknown. In an unforeseen circumstance, her world collides with her neighbor’s boyfriend, Derek. The air between them draws them closer with each passing day, but Alice knows that they can’t be together—not when she owes her heart to a man from her previous life. Meanwhile, a cult that calls themselves Grasp, re-summon a demon to prey on lonely innocents each night. Now they’re after Alice, leaving a trail of blood in their wake. Alice needs to find out why, but to do so she must uncover her past. Will the secrets of Alice’s past turn out to be a solution or a life-threatening problem with no escape?

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Category: Suspense