Grendel’s Labyrinth

by Anthony M. Strong

A terrifying force unleashed on the Irish countryside.

Under a ruined monastery near the village of Clareconnell, a labyrinth of caves hides a dark secret. The remains of Grendel. Defeated by Beowulf and entombed there by the Danes, he has remained hidden for a thousand years, guarded first by warriors, then by monks, and finally by the villagers themselves.

But nothing stays lost forever.

A team of archaeologists are excavating the monastery and searching for his grave. Because Grendel’s bones may hold the key to a medical breakthrough that could change the world.

When John Decker arrives in the Emerald Isle to retrieve the bones, he discovers that there’s more to this village than meets the eye. For Clareconnell has a dark and shameful past, and now that the caves have been opened, the villagers must pay for their sins…

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Category: Suspense

Soul Catcher

by Anthony M. Strong

A murdered billionaire. A priceless statue. A reclusive cult.

In New York City, Homicide Detective John Decker arrives at a brutal crime scene. A man has been tortured and murdered in his own house, a sprawling mansion on the Upper East Side. But this is no ordinary home invasion. Nothing has been taken, and there appears to be no motive. Until beautiful Egyptologist Emma Wilson shows up with an enigmatic letter penned by the victim.

Soon Decker is thrust into a shadowy world of ancient beliefs, fanatical cults, and the quest for a priceless artifact – a rare statue of the Egyptian god Anubis.

Now, with their lives in grave danger, Decker and Emma must solve the mystery of the statue, and stay one step ahead of a cult with one thing on their minds, the return of their god, and the judgment of all mankind.

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