Grey Daze

by Michael Allan Scott

Lance, his new girlfriend, and his late wife tangle in this adrenaline-fueled crime thriller. Will he end up in the slammer or join his dead wife?

“. . . three-dimensional characters and bold, no-holds-barred writing.” – IndieReader Top Book Pick

An ATF raid, a firefight, a meth lab burnt to the ground, its occupants reduced to grease spots—that doesn’t tell the half of it. There’s a sexually deviant serial killer still at large.

“Lush, evocative and gritty, Grey Daze is the gold standard for psychic detective novels.” – BestThrillers Review

Inspired by true events, Grey Daze haunts the dark corridors of King and Koontz.

“. . . not cookie cutter like so many books are getting to be. If you’re an avid reader like me, try these books. They are a very refreshing change!” – 5 star review by Debbie.

If you haven’t yet read Dark Side of Sunset Pointe or Flight of the Tarantula Hawk, you don’t need to. Grey Daze stands on its own.

As seen on NBC, this murder mystery come serial killer thriller is dark, different, cinematic—a fearsome read. Dare to take the crooked path through Grey Daze?

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