Guardians of the Gallery

by Chloe Kincaid

In my world, art isn’t just beauty—it’s a battleground. My name is Elena, and I’ve staked my gallery’s future on a painting that’s as much a target as it is a treasure. But when a cold-hearted crime lord sets his sights on it, my life’s work is suddenly under siege.

To the rescue, maybe, are Dominic, Robert, and Lucien—three guys who are as mysterious as they are drop-dead gorgeous. Dominic’s tall, muscular, and brooding, Robert’s got a vibe that’s both calm and commanding, and Lucien’s creativity hides a wild side. They’ve become my unexpected allies in this mess.

Trusting them isn’t easy, especially when I’ve been burned before. They’ve got secrets of their own, ones that could change everything I think I know about them. And as the danger mounts, I find myself drawn to them in ways I can’t explain.

The closer we get, the more intense things become, both with the threats against us and the attraction between us. I’m caught in a game where the stakes are my life and my heart. And I have no clue that these guys are actually the Sonic Strikeforce, the very vigilante superheroes who’ve been protecting the city from criminals.

As the showdown with the crime lord looms, I have to wonder: Can I count on my three mysterious defenders to keep me safe? Will the painting be my downfall, or will it be the secret that saves us all?

This isn’t just a story about survival; it’s about whether I can trust the passion that’s building between us, and what happens when the truth finally comes out. Will the art that brought us together end up tearing us apart?

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers