H-17 The Morningstar Abduction

by Jake Vickers

Following the runaway of her monstrous sister, and the disappearance of her mother, child genius Gabby Morningstar lives a quiet, if not solemn, life with her father. Perceived patterns and numbers hardly afford her a moment’s peace.

On the world stage, a new clandestine and highly advanced nation is emerging. H-17 is recruiting candidates from around the globe. Its purpose and location remains elusive. Peculiar training camps are established to indoctrinate potential citizens with experimental methods that range anywhere from nurturing to brutal.

Gabby Morningstar is at school when she receives the news of her father’s murder. She’s then abducted by the detective assigned to the case, and sold to an unidentified group of people lurking off of an unmarked highway exit. Gabby’s feral runaway sister Nikki will stop at nothing to find her.

$2.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies