Halloween Hayride Murder

by Linnea West

Earl wanted to stop the Halloween Hayride. Someone ran him over with it. Can the Hayride get back on track before Halloween is ruined? Tessa is picking up the pieces of her life as a young widow. Besides working at the B&B that her parents own, Tessa joined the Halloween Hayride Committee to help her small town. Plans are going great but Earl threatens to shut down the beloved Hayride and someone takes it upon themselves to run him down with the tractor. Now Tessa‚Äôs gotten herself tangled up in the mess. Someone has to get the Hayride back on track and she has decided that someone has to be her. It’s the only way she can think of to thank her hometown for welcoming her back when her life fell apart. The only problem is that while Tessa is trying to solve the case, the murderer is keeping an eye on her. Can Tessa figure out who ran over Earl before the tractor-riding killer strikes again?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy