Hazel Hart #7: Purrfect Haunt (A Hazel Hart Cozy Mystery #7)

by Louise Lynn

Hazel Hart is being haunted.

As the specter of Halloween hangs heavy in the air, the most notorious property in Cedar Valley opens its doors for ghost hunters and visitors alike. Known as Massacre Mansion, the house has a dark history full of murder and betrayal. While Hazel doesn’t believe in spirits, she’s hired to be the official photographer. Everything goes awry when one of the ghost hunters is murdered while alone in a room—and the only suspect is an evil headless ghost!

Hazel is sure the killer is flesh and blood, but with each new unexplained incident, her certainty wavers.

With the help of her black cat, can Hazel separate fact from fiction and find the murderer before another victim is claimed?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy