Heart of a Runaway Girl

by Trevor Wiltzen

How far would you go to save an accused young man you think is innocent? Heart of a Runaway Girl introduces readers to Mabel Davison, a hard-working woman who tells jokes and tops up coffees with a smile while running a little diner and motel in a small mountain town. Recently separated from her husband, she’s looking to create a safe home for her kids and orphaned niece. But this seemingly sleepy, friendly town is anything but.

One night, a teen girl, who breezed through Mabel’s diner, is discovered murdered at a local sawmill. Sheriff Dan Gibson looks no further than the teen’s black boyfriend, Winston Washington, a known drug dealer. But Mabel fears Dan’s only trying to keep the peace in a town rife with racism, and her big heart won’t let that stand. But with Winston’s trial looming, each step of her unlikely investigation draws the killer—closer.

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Category: Mystery – Historical