Hearts Anonymous

by Jonathan Dunne

Jack shares his fiancée Jeanie’s heart in more ways than he would care to admit… Weeks following a horrific accident, Jack wakes on a hospital bed with his bride-to-be’s heart pumping in his chest. In death, Jeanie has saved Jack’s life… What at first seems to be a gift beyond comprehension, soon becomes a dark obsession for Jack. As long as Jack is alive, Jeanie won’t be dead. With every thump-thump of Jeanie’s heart, Jack is forever reminded that he owes his life to his dead lover. Unable to find closure, Jack decides to stop his borrowed beating heart… Until Jeanie’s best friend and Jack’s arch-enemy, Ruthy, tells Jack an old fairy-tale which changes his life forever. Jack finds himself living a fairy-tale in a fairy-tale, where matters of the heart and time know no bounds.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Suspense