Her Cold Blood: A gripping crime thriller with a twist

by Tikiri Herath

I’ll take a pound of flesh and all your blood….

A spate of deadly crimes has paralyzed the secluded small town of Black Rock. Girls are vanishing without a trace.

FBI Agent Tanya Stone’s first case is to hunt the cold-blooded killer prowling the West Coast.

With her K9 partner, Max, she has one chance to prove her worth and keep the job she desperately needs.

When she stumbles across a dying girl in a ditch and the shocking photo of an underground torture chamber, she vows to unmask the psychopath’s identity.
Even if it risks her own life.

But dark and twisted secrets seethe underneath the perfect lives of this upscale neighborhood. The monster lives among them, spreading vicious lies.

Nothing in Black Rock is what it seems.

The serial killer could be anyone. He could be standing right behind you…

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Category: Thrillers – Crime