Her Untamed Soul

by Mandira Mazumder

Latha has a criminal-minded father who believes in keeping his family and community under control. He raises his son in his image.
He is politically connected and, to him, the world is a chess-board that can bring immense power & wealth if played skillfully.
Only his stubborn, educated daughter, Latha, dares to disobey his dictate. She rises beyond his calculation. So, he feels the need to clip her wings. He unleashes his ruthless side, breaking her heart.
Yet human heart can break but not the “Soul.” So, Latha’s untamed soul turns into her invincible strength. She asserts her Freedom.
Her college romance with Kiyash deepens into an inseparable bond that no family conspiracy or social threat can break. She rises above the “love rules” for the girl child and angers her class-conscious family and community.
Revenge turns atrocious and ugly. Latha and Kiyash fight back fiercely.
An act of ghastly crime prevails.
The conspirators burn down Latha’s life. But she rises from her ashes.
A life journey of a phenomenal woman struggling through love, violence, blood & ashes to her freedom. Will Latha ever find Empowerment? Will Crime & insane persecution defeat her life purpose?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime