Hidden Part 1: Michael Sullivan Mystery

by Linda Berry

A wounded Marine returns from combat to brutal battles on the home front. Sully’s parents are estranged, his father is an invalid, and the family ranch is nearing bankruptcy. Murdering thieves are stealing champion horses and disappearing into the desert like ghosts.

While attempting to make peace with his abusive father, Sully discovers the shocking betrayal that drove his parents apart. Deeply resentful, he works with his father solely for the survival of the ranch.

His only comfort is Maggie, the mother of a marine killed in action. Despite their age difference, he connects with her in a way he never thought possible with a woman.

When a close friend is murdered, Sully and his Paiute companion track down the renegades. The epic violence that awaits will test their survival skills—skills they never thought they’d use on American soil.

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Category: Mystery – Series