Hide and Seek

by Joy Patrick

Returning to her sleepy, backwoods hometown in the Everglades was the last thing Vivian Blake ever thought she’d do. So was solving her uncle’s murder.

Recently single, and with no other family to speak of, psych nurse Vivian Blake ditched her carefully calculated urban life for the swampy fishing village of Mangrove Bay, Florida.

Though initially happy to be back at her beloved uncle Don’s place, the nostalgic feeling faded when she realized ex-con Ben was staying in the next room. And making matters worse, high school mean girl, the perfect Cassie Heatherton, was back in town as well.

Convinced that local law enforcement arrested the wrong suspect, Vivian set out to find her uncle’s killer. A frantic search ensued as she sifted through old relics and clues in unlikely places, from Don’s cluttered garage to the murky depths of the Everglades.

Uncovering small-town secrets in the process, Vivian realized she may be the next victim—unless she gives up this cryptic game of hide and seek.

Because this game is no child’s play.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy