I Know What You Did

by N. L. Hinkens

Would you keep a dark secret hidden to save your baby?
Trapped in a web of deceit of her own making, school counselor Jo Murphy finds herself embroiled in a heart-stopping murder plot that threatens to destroy the one thing she wants most. After suffering multiple miscarriages, Jo is on a mission to save her marriage by any means possible. When Mia, a pregnant senior, unexpectedly shows up in her office, Jo devises an unorthodox plan to adopt her baby. But Mia’s boyfriend suddenly goes missing, and the investigation that follows unearths one shocking secret after another until all at once nothing about Mia is adding up.

What if her baby’s mother is a killer?
– An emotional roller coaster of a domestic thriller that will leave you breathless! –

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological