by Tobey Alexander

With the world occupied by war, an ancient evil stirs in the darkness. Something that is far more dangerous than the Nazi invasion.

London, 1941. The capital stands in ruins from the constant bombardment of nightly air raids. Stanley Grand, a wounded soldier from the French lines, returns home with the shadows of war hanging over him. After another night of bombing, Stanley stumbles across a hidden crypt hidden beneath St Margaret’s Church. Rescued by an unsuspecting Air Warden, Hazel Johnson, the pair find themselves thrust on a path of robbery, murder and secret societies.

When a notorious criminal is found murdered, there is more to his death than meets the eye. Stanley and Hazel’s only hope of proving their innocence is to accept the help of an ancient order of the Catholic Church. In exchange for their protection, the pair must help return an ancient artifact, stolen from the hidden crypt. Should they fail; an evil that has been imprisoned for thousands of years will once again walk the earth and bring with it a plague of darkness and evil – The Iceman.

While Stanley and Hazel seek to secure the secrets, there are others who would see The Iceman freed from his icy tomb. In a race against time, can an unlikely duo succeed or will the threat of war pale into insignificance against the evil that waits in the depths?

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Category: Mystery – Historical