Immortal bones: A supernatural thriller (Detective Saussure Mysteries Book 1)

by Trinidad Giachino


(Previously published as “Undead”)

Private Detective Richard Saussure is a murderer.

He is also a retired policeman turned private investigator with a reputation for never walking away from an unsolved case. And now that a new case has landed on his lap, he has to acquire the ability to solve paranormal mysteries.

It is 1952. Lord Hugh Hurlingthon, a wealthy man living in the outskirts of town, calls Detective Richard Saussure and hires him to solve a mystery. This is no murder mystery situation. Oh, no…In fact, Lord Hurlingthon can’t die. Even if someone tries to kill him. This is a supernatural mystery situation.

What Richard Saussure encounters in Lord Hugh Hurlingthon is an ageing man who claims he is 213 years old and can’t die. With such situation at hand, Saussure has to decide whether or not to believe Lord Hurlingthon and if he does, how could he solve a mystery that defies all laws of nature? Where can he find answers to this (supposedly) supernatural situation?

In this gripping supernatural thriller, Richard Saussure will have to dig deep into his own past and ask for the help of his favorite enemy: Dr. Annette Kensington, a forensic doctor whose thirst for justice equals her despise for Saussure.

Get “IMMORTAL BONES” now and find out how together, Richard Saussure and Dr. Kensington, will unearth a centuries-old wicked affair that will forever alter the way they see life.

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Category: Suspense