Implied Consent

by Keenan Powell

Maureen Gould is a San Francisco attorney with a dark secret, a rocky marriage, and a need to prove herself.

Because she wanted to do more for crime victims than just putting bad guys away, she left the DA’s office and opened her own practice.

When a tearful young woman walks into her office with a Hollywood #metoo case, Maureen spots a chance to make things right.

Surprise evidence – no problem.

Witnesses hiding – she’ll find them.

Ironclad nondisclosure agreements – no such thing.

But when the Hollywood mogul she’s suing hires Maureen’s own father to defend him, long buried secrets pull her back into his dark orbit.

Secrets bind the shamed to the guilty. Maureen Gould knows truth will set them free.

$2.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Thrillers – Legal