Implied Consent

by Keenan Powell

Lawyer Maureen Gould has a dark secret and a need to prove herself. When a young woman walks into her office with a Hollywood #metoo case, Maureen spots the chance for redemption.
Enter the opponent: Maureen’s father, Frank Gould, a man as evil as the movie producer he defends. While Frank pulls every dirty trick known inside the courtroom, someone behind the scenes is engineering Maureen’s defeat. Doors are slammed in her face. Disturbing photographs are “discovered.” A witness dies mysteriously. Clearly someone means to silence her.
Will Maureen muster the strength to free herself from the past, reveal the truth, and win justice for her client?
Implied Consent is the first in the Maureen Gould legal thriller series. – If you like the Netflix series Anatomy of a Scandal, you’ll love Implied Consent.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal