Incidental Hero

by Avi Domoshevizki

Tom is a high-tech genius leading a successful software start-up. An unforeseen financial crisis nearly spells doom for his company. Then an unexpected $6 million contract is offered to him and his partner —a shrewd lawyer and CEO of his firm. That money can save them. They have to take it. And that’s when things really start to go wrong. A series of unexplained events forces Tom to deal with deception, death, love, and loyalty. Sharon, Tom’s wife, disappears. His company is at stake. His country is on the brink of war. With his family and business in ruins, he is drawn into the shadowy realm of espionage and conspiracy, where ambiguity is the only rule, and where he can trust no one. Mystery, romance, and political intrigue in a sophisticated thriller that offers a glimpse into the mysterious secrets of the cyber world. An exhilarating page-turner that grips readers by both their hearts and their minds.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers