by Alexander Nader

Beauty is only filter deep, but madness spoils to the core.
Beau Rutledge tells his story, his way. Selfies? All perfect shots the first time. Photoshop? That’s for losers with no work ethic. Early morning live streams? Beau rolls out of bed looking like a million bucks. That’s not highlighter on his face, he just looks dewy from the sweat he works up pissing off his haters. The #SouthernCharmer wants every follower to know, he’s better than them, and nine million fans can’t get enough.
When his manager tells Beau he must hit ten million by the end of the month, the summer heat becomes a swelter. On top of that, his greatest rival, Brant Cantrell, keeps poking fun at Beau’s content. As Beau fights to hold onto his perfect world, the cracks in his mask of sanity become craters. One thing is for sure: Beau gives new meaning to a killer look.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological