Intentional Consequences

by Charles Harris

Wealthy American political elites, Chinese interests and a social media exec craft a geopolitical cyber conspiracy to sweep the 2020 presidential election and restructure American democracy. Caught in the middle, Eva Johnson, a smart, sexy artist and tech company founder, teams with a young newspaper reporter to unravel the facts and rain havoc on the players.

Betrayals, dirty tricks, virtual assassinations, deadly fire fights and cutting-edge technology drive the action and a crescendo of surprises. Regardless of your politics, this book will pull you into the midst of the political, technology and social changes affecting American culture and democracy. You’ll never look at American politics or political thrillers the same way again.

Chillingly real politics, technology and threats. A brilliant blend of fact and fiction. Sexy, provocative, enlightening…a compelling read.

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Category: Thrillers – Political