by Judi Daykin

The half-naked body, wrapped tightly in an old groundsheet, is a bit too long to fit comfortably in the back seat of the car. But he manages to shove it in anyway. Too risky to dump in the sea. There’s a wood nearby. No one will be around right now. Won’t be found till morning. Anyway, no one will care if the kid doesn’t show up to school. Not some little piece of scum like this . . . A missing troubled teen. A body in the woods. Too many leads. Detective Sara Hirst faces her toughest case yet in Into Deadly Storms. Fans of Joy Ellis, J.M. Dalgliesh, Matt Brolly, Rachel Lynch and Angela Marsons, get ready for your next favourite detective.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Thrillers – Crime