Island Of Secrets

by J. Beckett

Jason Kincaid started Expedition Inc. after he struck it rich with a few treasure dives that paid off handsomely.

He has an ex-Marine, a computer expert, and an archeologist on payroll and they go where they’re paid to go whether that’s the seafloor or Mayan ruins. Expedition Inc. hunts treasure wherever it is.

Asako Yamamoto is an Asian studies professor at the University of Vancouver and while reviewing seemingly innocuous documents from World War Two stumbles on to something. Something she has no idea what to do with. So she reaches out to an old friend.

Niles, the team archeologist convinces Jason to take the job. Expedition Inc. heads off from their San Diego base for Canada.

They’re not the only ones looking for this base though. Someone has tapped university servers worldwide to spy on potential discoveries and has hired their own team.

The ‘other guys’ play dirty at every turn, boarding the Raven, Expedition Inc.’s mobile base of operations.

While both teams sneak about the base trying to avoid and capture each other in turn, someone accidentally activates the self destruct that got stuck a century ago. Now it’s unstuck, and the clock is ticking as the base begins to come apart.

As the base falls apart Jason and the team get the upper hand on their opponent, a wily French mercenary treasure hunter who slips away before the authorities arrive to arrest his men.

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Category: Thrillers – Pulp