Islands of Deception

by Chris G Thelen

“Guard it with your life!” Chuck says as he hands Cally evidence that will take down corrupt officials. Cally reluctantly agrees but soon learns how powerful these officials are when he is imprisoned for a murder he did not commit. Now the people who put him there are threatening to kill his family unless he turns over the evidence. Can Cally get the help he needs to free himself and save his family?

Detective Fallon McElliot is trying to get to the bottom of possible government corruption. As he pursues leads, he keeps coming across the name of Henry Massey, a tech billionaire, and his Archipelago software. Fallon soon learns that everything is not as it seems as his life and investigation become intertwined with Cally’s pursuit of freedom and Massey’s tech empire ambitions.

Can friendships and family bonds withstand the political schemes that threaten both life and freedom?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime