It’s Killing Jerry

by Sharn Hutton

Jeremy Adler’s an inspiration. For treachery, blackmail and murder.

When Jerry Adler disappears from his Vegas hotel room in a shower of broken furniture and mystery, the local press can’t get enough of his outrageous story, nor the OCD rookie, Detective Dinwiddy, who takes on the investigation as a personal mission.

Mysterious disappearance or premeditated murder?

Finding suspects isn’t hard – seems Jerry’s turned making enemies into an art form. Snagged in a web of indignant divorce, masochistic employment and eye-rolling family disappointment, Jerry’s given one too many people an axe to grind and, unhappily for him, they’ve all become dangerously sharp.

A thrilling, hilarious and frantic journey.

With a cast of endearingly off beat characters, It’s Killing Jerry spins a tale of jealousy, greed and shocking bad luck.

Life sucks, but being Jerry is murder.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime