by Rob Kaufman

BOOK 2 of the Justin Wright Suspense Series

As big changes are happening in Justin’s personal life, his professional life is shaken when he takes on a case that keeps him guessing from one session to the next.

Jade, a beautiful young woman suffering from depression and despair, is trying to escape her past… a former life that catches up with her during every full moon.

The closer he gets to the root of her problems, the further away she pushes him — leaving Justin questioning both her sincerity and his own professional skills.

As with “Altered”, this novel is packed with suspense and emotion, with people from Justin’s past, including Frank Devlin, the man who has made himself the bane of the Wright family’s existence.

Once again, readers are led down a road that keeps them wondering what is real, who did what, and when will Justin and his family finally find the peace they deserve?

$2.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological