John Rader

by Ian Quarry

Who would mess with a man like John Rader?
When tough-as-nails PI John Rader walks away from a car wreck, leaving behind a dead blond, a lot of bullet holes, and most of his memory, he sets out to discover who wanted him dead, and why. In a place like Brink City, and with a man like Rader, that could be a long list. Then he hears the name Max Dressler – an ex-con with his own underworld empire – and his gut tells him it’s right. Removing Dressler alone won’t do it, though – not if Rader wants to walk these streets again. He needs to wipe out his whole damn crew.

But Rader is working at several disadvantages. First, he doesn’t know what they look like, while they know him. And second, all he has are the dollars in his wallet. Dressler has real money, he has powerful friends, and he has muscle. Good thing Rader’s not interested in the odds.

Only the corrupt local police chief, Gertz, takes Rader’s threat seriously from the start. He damn well better.

(This novel contains violence, strong language and sex references.)

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Category: Thrillers – Crime