Justice for All

by Chris Patchell

Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Holt has dedicated her life to seeking justice, but when a cold case is cracked open by DNA evidence, she finds herself on a collision course with a relentless adversary.

Months away from graduation and deeply in love, Elizabeth’s world shatters after a romantic evening ends in horror. Left for dead, she emerges from a coma with a newfound determination to track down her attacker and bring them to justice.

As Elizabeth embarks on her quest for vengeance, she must confront the dark shadows of her own past and make impossible choices between love and obsession. With each step closer to the truth, she risks losing everything she holds dear.

Now, with the clock ticking and her attacker still at large, Elizabeth faces the ultimate decision: will she pursue justice at any cost, or succumb to the seductive allure of revenge?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths