by K L MacRae

A thrilling story of love, jealousy, violence and revenge told in a no holds barred style that’s definitely for adults only, ‘KAT’ takes the reader on an action-packed journey into the world of personal security and the underworld of assassination.

A gifted martial artist and long-time carer to her debt-ridden, alcoholic mother, Kat Farthing’s had to grow up fast. She got her first black belt at ten and her first job at eleven. She didn’t have a lot of time for school. When she’s eighteen, she defends herself from a sexual predator and lands the chance of a better life… and a vicious, vindictive enemy who’ll stop at nothing to keep her from taking what’s his.
“A fascinating cast of characters, action filled and plot twists”
“Wow!! She was definitely Kick Ass!”
“I think this was my favorite book of 2019, and having read just under 500 of them that’s saying something!”

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Category: Suspense