Keeping Secrets (Glen Falls Mystery Book 1)

by Zanna Mackenzie

Running from her past lands Kat in a whole lot of trouble in the present.

Desperate for a new start, she heads to spooky Glen Falls and takes a job in a cute shop selling crystals and magical charms. Stunned to discover her new boss is a real life witch, Kat is soon thrown into chaos as well as into the middle of an angry protest by locals against a controversial housing development.

Kat vows to get sleuthing, desperate to track down the truth about who is really behind the scary attacks at the town’s development site – before someone ends up dead!

Plunged into battling magical forces, mystery and mayhem, Kat’s also fighting to save her heart from being broken by the handsome and rather intriguing Alex, a man keeping even more secrets in his current life than Kat is about the past she’s so keen to run away from…

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Category: Mystery – Cozy