by Sophie Michaels

Katey Frost, a female amateur sleuth ends up supporting the Police Chief in this exciting book, they not only solve the case, but a clean and wholesome romance begins to develop between them.

The week before Christmas is typically a flurry of gift searching, shopping, and wrapping, but newly retired teacher, Katey Frost, did not expect to search for a missing little girl instead.

Because of the recent case she helped solve, Katey has been asked to assist the Chief of Police, Patrick O’Neil, a by-the-book type cop, as he meets the parents of the missing girl.

The parents insist that nothing, including her coat or shoes, is missing. So, she didn’t run away. She had been kidnapped.
Strangely, no ransom calls or notes have been received by the parents, which means it isn’t about the money. It’s the little girl the kidnappers want.

The parents lose hope with each minute that passes without any news.

This unusual case needs Katey to think outside the box and assist Chief Patrick to uncover the kidnappers and rescue the missing little girl before it’s too late.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


by Sophie Michaels

The New Year is here and it’s all about new beginnings! But for Katey Frost, a recently retired teacher who opened her coffee shop in a small town of Pine Falls, her worst days are still not behind her.

Chief of Police, Patrick O’Neil, a by-the-book type cop, has been handed an “open and shut” murder case. A 12-year-old mentally disabled boy has confessed to the murder of his stepfather.

However, Chief Patrick believes that there is more to the case than meets the eye. He believes the boy has been framed, contrary to what the folks in town say, except for Katey who is the only one who believes him.

Katey’s keen observation skills and intelligence is what the Chief needs now as he puts his job on the line to prove the boy’s innocence and catch the real murderer before the boy gets sent to a mental facility for murder.

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