Kill Hollows

by S.D. Lifter

A stunning debut novel from S.D. Lifter—Kill Hollows is an epic of hope, fear, and human yearning, it is the improbable journey of a small-town kid into the belly of the apocalypse . . .

It began on October 31, 2020.

As darkness fell on Token-Oak, they spilled out of the Hollows, the terror they brought spread even faster. Within hours, the town was on fire and thousands were dead. Token-Oak—a tiny town on the Great Plains with old oaks dying everywhere—had become the epicenter of the Great American Apocalypse.

The seeds of the collapse were planted years ago. One person followed every step. Drugs had determined the path of Robert Warrington’s life. At six, Warrington lost his dad to an overdose. At seven, a driver high on meth killed his mom. At eighteen, he entered an elite university to study the brain. At twenty-seven, he was selected to assist on a secretive government research project, that promised to pioneer a cure for addiction. All the while, his hometown spiraled downward as meth—and now the opioid crisis—chewed through the families of Token-Oak.

As the research deepens, Warrington realizes that the government project is not what it seems. He and his friend, Postitch, toil away under the manicured lawns of Cambridge “searching for a cure.” What they uncover is one of the darkest secrets in American history. Beneath all of the epidemics is a terrible truth the government has been hiding in Token-Oak. What Warrington knows about the town, will unleash an unstoppable force onto the nation.

What happened in Token-Oak was no accident . . .

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Category: Mystery – African American