Kill Sight

by Geoffrey Saign

Alex Sight sees murders. But never the exact kill site.
He has 5 days to get it right.

Environmental terrorists target the rich, powerful, and political elite. To shut them down fast, the FBI call in psychic ex-detective Alex Sight. Alex has nearly a perfect record—but he’s still paying for his one failure.

In a frantic race against time, Alex will have 5 days to stop the terrorists’ murder spree and discover their hidden agenda.

His brilliant partner, Megan Detalio, is confident. Attracted to her on many levels, Alex wonders about her secret past. Worse, he’s still blaming himself for losing his first partner.

In a high stakes nonstop battle, Alex learns that the terrorists are financed by powerful backers. And he will discover a secret that will turn everything upside down.

Desperate to save the victims, he may have more trouble saving himself…

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Terrorism