Killer in the Retroscape: A Near-Future Mystery

by Bruce M. Perrin

An Indie BRAG Medallion honoree and Third-place Winner in the Eric Hoffer eBook Awards

In 2068, Doug Michaels finds his friend, Josh Unger, dead in his home. When law enforcement concludes his death was a suicide, Doug is dumbstruck – what could explain such a violent and painful death in a future where such actions are unimaginable. Trying to unearth a killer, Doug creates a mental landscape of Josh’s past, a “retroscape”, starting in the mid-2030s.

Soon, that mental landscape is crowded with clues – a one-hundred-year-old computer; Josh’s machine intelligence wife who can’t seem to remember his final days; an illness sensationalized by the media as the “zombie pandemic”; a shady afterlife specialist. Finally, Doug realizes the answer is not in any of them; rather, it’s in all of them.

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Category: Suspense