Killing the Secret, Book 1

by Donna Welch jones

Who is murdering the women who played on a championship basketball team twenty years ago?
Sheriff Lexie searches for the sin that put the players on the kill list. Her investigation intensifies when a local woman is murdered. The residents blame Lexie for the death. When Lexie discovers there are three secrets she fears more will die as her investigation goes in multiple directions. Her dilemma is further magnified by the the fact the one of the women may be the next first lady of the United States—provided she doesn’t die first.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Deadly Search

by Donna Welch Jones

Will Sheriff Lexie destroy her own life to avenge her father’s murder?
Sheriff Lexie is entangled in a web of deceit as she searches for her father’s killer. At the center of the investigation is her mother. Margo is a beautiful temptress, who used the love and attention of town men to feed her her ego before rejecting them. Lexie’s mother may be the reason her father was murdered. But which of Margo’s pawns did it: the judge, the mayor, or someone else? The investigation and Lexie’s betrayal of the man she loves propels her life into a dark downward spiral.

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