Killing the Secret

by Donna Welch Jones

They were teenagers when it happened. Twenty years later they are on a monster’s hit list, because the women know a secret that could destroy his life. Sheriff Lexie reasons that if she finds out their secret it will lead her to a murderer. When Lexie discovers there are three secrets her investigations goes in multiple directions, while women continue to die.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Deadly Search

by Donna Welch Jones

Will Sheriff Lexie destroy her own life to avenge her father’s murder? At the center of the investigation is her own mother. Margo is a beautiful temptress who used the love and attention from town men to feed her ego. One of them killed Lexie’s father in hopes of having Margo to himself. Lexie betrays the man she loves in order to find the truth.

$0.99 Previously $3.99