Killing Time in Charleston

by Tom Turner

Nick Janzek is a Boston cop with a dark, tragic past. Dark because of his father’s ties with Whitey Bulger. Tragic because of what happened to his wife.

But now he’s starting over in Charleston. No brutal winters. No bullying despot of a boss. No staring down at stiffs on the mean streets of Beantown.

As he drives into Charleston behind the wheel of a U-Haul, taking in the sweet smells of Confederate Jasmine and gardenias, he gets a call. And before he can even unpack, he’s got a murder on his hands. A murder that could change the entire face of Charleston.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

Charleston Buzz Kill

by Tom Turner

Charleston Buzz, a TV reality show, is a train wreck of losers, boozers, womanizers, and ne’er-do-wells. Thing is, the show’s as addictive as crack. One day its main character is discovered dead in bed, lacy panties tucked under the covers, his wife a thousand miles away. Violent Crimes Unit detectives Nick Janzek and Delvin Rhett swing into action, and within twenty-four hours they have five suspects…problem is they all have solid alibis.

Meanwhile, across town, is that a clandestine brothel being run by the fat cats of Charleston? And what’s with all those college girls hanging out there?

As Janzek and Rhett stumble along desperate for a break, one thing is clear: some of Charleston’s most prominent citizens are up to their eyeballs in all of it.

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