by LeVar Ravel

Gwen Orangegrave would rather balance budgets all day than enjoy life. Maybe you can’t help being a killjoy when you work for Boston’s biggest mob and you’ve married the boss.

Corbin Locke, the mob’s man in Congress, shows Gwen a new life and reignites old feelings—until he dumps her and cheats the mob all in one day. To get revenge on him, the mob hires a cheerful hitman who’s the master of faking suicides.

Gwen goes along at first, but when doubts come, she seeks another solution. Her search will confront her with both her lost past and the hope of a better future. She must fight for a man’s life—and maybe hers, too—while evading the mob and assassin. Killjoy or not, can she prove any match for the best killer in the world?

If you like The Twilight Zone and the intelligent thrillers of Graham Greene, Ruth Rendell, Barbara Vine, and Patricia Highsmith, get Killjoy and find out!

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological