Kiss Hidden Lies (Jake Hancock Private Investigator series Book 1)

by Dan Taylor

Private Investigator Jake Hancock gets a seemingly straightforward gig: finding out who an actress’s biological father is. But there’s a catch. His client’s parents are unaware she knows the guy who’s been posing as her father is an imposter. And she insists Hancock poses as her older boyfriend to discover the truth from within her family home.

Her parents are onto him the moment he steps through the front door, and the roller coaster of an investigation begins.

To escape the heat of scrutiny, Hancock rushes his client to an age-regression hypnotherapy session to learn about a time period her parents seem hazy about. What he discovers throws him a curveball: His client had two different parents up to the age of three…something she’s unaware of now. The strange part? They lived together in the same family home.

There’s a bizarre secret at the heart of his client’s childhood. And Hancock must face an ethical dilemma for which he isn’t prepared.

As a detective, he’s bound to reveal the truth…but at what cost to his client’s happiness?

Kiss Hidden Lies is the first in a series of laugh out loud mysteries starring a private investigator so cool, you shouldn’t put your tongue anywhere near him.

Looking for fast-paced action, snappy dialog, exciting twists and turns, humor, and a dash of romance? Download this book for free.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators