La Viña De Dios: The God Vine

by Esteban Luis Soto

Valentina Del Viento uses her gifts of the wind and foreshadowing to protect La Vina De Dios – a magical vine that can heal all illness and extend life significantly. She uses its Divine Liquid to find the man she sees in her visions, even though she knows he lives in the future. 100 years, in fact.

Alex De La Vega – a newly-famous young artist travels to Taos, New Mexico for inspiration for his highly-anticipated second painting. However, he discovers something far more significant and valuable there. Something relentlessly sought after by a treacherous, malevolent force that will stop at nothing to obtain it. Will Valentina and Alex’s worlds finally merge or will The Spaniard get to them first?

Time, religion, love, culture, evil and even the paranormal all collide in this fascinating, epic tale of Magical Realism set in the enchanting, magical land that is Northern New Mexico.

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Category: Mystery – Historical