Lattes and Spirits

by Alyn Troy

Whipping up cappuccinos is her specialty. But will she stir up trouble when spirits order assistance in solving their deaths?

Barista April Storm longs for more than making a mean macchiato and talking to her ex-boyfriend’s ghost. So when her quirky aunt asks her to help open a hip café in rural Wales, she jumps at the chance to start fresh. But she gets an extra shot of strife when a famous deceased cricketer wants her to spill the coffee beans on his killer.

With her ghostly client unable to remember who did him in, April is forced into the role of supernatural detective. Assisted by her spectral ex, a magical secret agent, and an overcaffeinated talking cat, she finds herself in hot water when the clue trail reveals an escaped demon. And if she can’t get control of her own recently awakened power, the next murder she has to solve may be her own.

Can April serve up justice before a brewing disaster boils over?

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy


Tall, Dark and Troll

by Alyn Troy

She takes her java black and her killers convicted. But can she unmask a murderer before she’s ground to pieces?

Witchy barista April Storm is fighting to get her new coffee roaster up to snuff while keeping her quaint Welsh community’s magic under wraps. So when two hikers stumble upon a corpse, she races in with her supernatural abilities to bring things to a swift close. But she’s certain trouble is percolating in her precious pixie town when the body and its spirit suddenly go up in steam.

With the Fae Queen’s top official expected for a visit, April’s under high pressure to wrap the case up quickly and preserve the town’s reputation. But with her foe always one sip ahead, she’ll need help from her sarcastic feline familiar, spy-assassin bestie, and ex-boyfriend’s ghost to brew up an industrial-strength solution.

$0.99 Previously $3.99