by Jack Ruben

Death-fakers, soul-suckers and a detective who can’t feel pain…

When Del Copeland is hired to find a man who went to his own funeral, he takes the case on out of pity. He wants to give the man’s wife some closure in her winter years, but soon his investigation turns up more than he ever expected.

He begins to see things he can’t explain: men with pitch-black eyes, someone floating above the ground, a gaunt figure in a crystal ball having the life sucked from his body…

Joining forces with the granddaughter of the missing man, Del is thrust into a world of crooked former cops and fugitives. A world where people vanish and are never seen again.

A world where lives are surrendered willingly, then feasted upon by ravenous ghouls…

After Del messes with their operation, they turn their black eyes on him. If he isn’t careful, he’ll soon become one of the missing: a helpless victim in never-ending hell, having the soul slowly leeched from his body.

“Without pain,” he is told, “there is no joy.”

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


by Jack Ruben

A cold-hearted killer, the Grim Reaper and the iron law of fate…

When a hitman botches a job, he finds himself pursued by an unstoppable force bent on cosmic justice.

As enemies close in around the hitman from all sides, he sees that his destiny is tied up with a young woman who took pity on him and now regrets her decision.

The two strangers are bound by losses they don’t know are linked. Both of them fear her mother, the crime lord pulling the strings.

Little do they know that waiting in the wings is an evil more potent than either of them could ever imagine.

Everyone has made their deal with the devil…

The hellhound is coming to collect.

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