Lethal Treatment

by Olivia Gates


As the prototype of Combat Doctor Project, Calista St. James has been called many things: a prodigy, a wild card…and a time bomb.

Stripped of her medical license after a catastrophic incident, she’s taken her surgical and black ops training underground, creating an “extralegal” operation to treat those the system won’t, and to punish those it can’t.

Now the organization that tried to destroy her needs her. Only she and her team can retrieve their hostage operatives from behind enemy lines. And among those is Jacob Constantine, the fiancé she’s long thought dead.

Forced to team up with her former mentor and now fiercest nemesis, counterterrorism agent Damian De Luna—who’d rather partner with the devil—they embark on a mission into the most conflicted regions of the Russian Federation. A mission the most optimistic call impossible. And that’s before she learns the full, horrific scope of what’s at stake.

Now the fates of their combined teams, the hostages, and probably millions rest on her skills and decisions.

No pressure.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical