Lies and Bones

by RJ Law

The victim has been meticulously mutilated. Left hauntingly arranged in the city’s dark alleys. She is the first of her kind. But she won’t be the last.

Rookie homicide detective Tracy Sterling has been thrown into the deep end. She’s navigating the city’s darkest corners to unmask a killer whose methods are as chilling as they are cryptic.

Who could commit such monstrous acts? And what is the sinister pattern hiding within their horrific handiwork? Tracy must grapple with a shocking lack of evidence, while potential witnesses seem to shroud the truth in fear and lies. And all the while, the nameless killer observes the investigation from the shadows, delighting in the terror he sows.

But Tracy isn’t just determined, she’s obsessive. And she won’t stop until she’s put every puzzle piece in place, exposing the killer, along with other shocking surprises that will shake the city to its core.

$0.99 Previously $9.99

Category: Mystery – Series