Little Voices

by Vanessa Lillie

When babies are born, we expect their mothers to whisper to the infants in their arms, not whisper to the judgmental voices in their heads.

On the night Devon almost died giving birth, her friend was murdered. Back home from the hospital, Devon is struggling, and as part of her postpartum depression, she hears a cruel voice in her head. When another friend is accused of the unsolved murder, Devon must return to her skills as an attorney to uncover those who benefited from her death.

Nothing will stop Devon from finding her friend’s killer, not the baby in her arms or the cruel voice in her head. But staying on the right side of the law proves difficult as she digs deeper into the crime. While Devon believes her friend accused is innocent, she uncovers his involvement in a money-laundering scheme, ties to a corrupt government official, and a botched FBI investigation.

Finding justice becomes an obsession, one that leads Devon, baby in-hand, down a dangerous path directly to the killer.

$1.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological